Comments to Vodafone on Lack of iPhone Information - by Wesley Moore

Comments to Vodafone on Lack of iPhone Information

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I just sent off the following to Vodafone customer enquiries. I’m not overly hopeful of a favourable response but thought it was necessary.

Hi, No doubt I’m one of thousands sending an email like this but still feel it necessary. I am eagerly awaiting the launch of the iPhone in Australia. I am intending to buy one on the day of release. When it was initially announced that Vodafone and Optus would be carrying the iPhone I had it in my mind that I would take the opportunity to swap to Vodafone from Optus. I have been a constant Optus customer since getting my first mobile phone in 1999.The complete lack of communication from Vodafone has put me off though. In order to make an informed decision on launch day it would have been nice to have plan details available at the very least a week before. With three days remaining its now getting beyond a joke. I understand that there may be other factors at play here. However given you have an audience that have voluntarily signed up for updates it would have been pro-active and open to communicate with these people and let them know what was holding up progress or at least when to expect more information (with more certainty than “very soon”). At this point are you able to provide any more detail than that which is publicly available already? Unfortunately unless the plans eventually announced are particularly compelling I expect I will remain an Optus customer. Regards, Wesley Moore

Update: I never got a response and bought my iPhone from Optus.

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