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Other websites I maintain are:

Open Source Projects

I have a collection of open-source software on GitHub and Sourcehut. Some of the more noteworthy projects are listed below.

Read Rust

Read Rust is an aggregator of news related to the Rust programming language. It is built with the Cobalt static site compiler along with some tools built to make managing the content easier.


pkb is a personal knowledge base. It’s a Rails application that allows you to quickly publish snippets of knowledge. It powers linkedlist.org, which is my instance of pkb.


titlecase is a command line tool and Rust crate that capitalizes English text according to a style defined by John Gruber for post titles on his website Daring Fireball. titlecase runs on Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Windows.


OCMustache brings the Mustache templating language to Objective-C. The parser is built using the Ragel State Machine Compiler in the hope that it will help ensure fast and correct parsing.

Weather Station

I previously had a weather station at my home for keeping track of the local conditions. I added support for SQLite logging to my fork of the Open2300 project. The weather station was connected to a Mac for data logging. Every 5 minutes it logged the current conditions, uploaded them to my server and invoked a lua program to generate a JSON file, which was used to produce the Weather page.

See the following posts for more information on the weather station:

Old Apps