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Seeking Application Ideas

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Ever since the now very quiet drunkenbatman hosted the Evening at Adler and Gus Mueller posted, ”How to become an independent programmer in just 1068 days”, its has been a goal of mine to one day live the indie Mac developer dream.

Over the years I’ve dabbled in Mac OS X development but have struggled to find the time in between a full time job and also having a life to be able to see something through from start to finish. I’m convinced the ideas are sound because frequently others eventually release similar products. My last endeavour was for a better archiver than that provided by the Finder. It was to be dead simple, taking interface cues from things like AppZapper. I discovered a little while ago that the fine folks at Apimac had created Compress Files, which implemented my ideas and more.

Frustrated by this lack of time I decided to do something about it (after a small helping of procrastination). Last week I successfully negotiated a reduction to 4 days per week at my day job, with the fifth day allocated to Mac development. The first day of my new job is Mon Feb 11, 2008. However I find myself with a bit of a problem, I don’t have any current projects to actually work on. Heeding the advice in Gus’ post for Lesson #1 I’m seeking ideas from the Mac using community for a small application that I can use to get started. So if you got an idea for a small application that you don’t mind sharing feel free to post a comment and let me know, it might be just what I’m looking for.

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