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🌏 Sunshine Coast, Australia

Hi I’m Wes 👋. I like warm weather and tinkering with computers; ranging from small microcontrollers, up to large servers and the operating systems that run upon them. I’m a Rustacean with a fondness for mechanical keyboards. I work at YesLogic on the Prince HTML to PDF converter. Read more on the about page →

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divmod, Rust, x86, and Optimisation

While reviewing some Rust code that did something like this:

let a = n / d;
let b = n % d;

I lamented the lack of a divmod method in Rust (that would return both the quotient and remainder). My colleague Brendan pointed out that he actually added it back in 2013 but it was moved out of the standard library before the 1.0 release.

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Generating RSS Feeds From Web Pages With RSS Please

Sometimes I come across a web page that I’d like to revisit when there’s new content. Typically, I do this by subscribing to the RSS feed in Feedbin. Unfortunately some sites don’t provide an RSS feed, which is why I built RSS Please (rsspls). RSS Please allows you to generate an RSS feed by extracting specific parts of a web page. In this post I give a bit of background on the tool and how I’m running it in my Docker infrastructure.

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Monitoring My Garage Door With a Raspberry Pi, Rust, and a 13Mb Linux System

I’ve accidentally left our garage door open a few times. To combat this I built a monitor that sends an alert via Mattermost when the door has been left open for more than 5 minutes. This turned out to be a super fun project. I used parts on hand as much as possible, implemented the monitoring application in Rust, and then built a stripped down Linux image to run it.

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Fixing Monospace Text in Kobo eReaders

After verifying with friends that eBook readers do a decent job of rendering technical content I purchased a Kobo Libra 2 this week. I loaded up some books and started reading… but something was off. Sure enough, after verifying the EPUB with Calibre on my computer I confirmed that the Kobo was not rendering text with CSS rules like font-family: monospace in a monospace font.

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ASCII-centric Usernames

I’m working on a web-based side project in my spare time. The great thing about side projects is you get to make all the choices and question the common wisdom. Recently I’ve been building out the sign-up flow and I started thinking about usernames—specifically the characters that they may be comprised of.

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RustConf 2021

A few weeks ago I got up at 2:30am and attended virtual RustConf 2021. The pre-recorded talks were live-streamed and there was a dedicated Discord server for discussion and Q&A while the talks ran. It was overall well organised and a good experience. All the talks were interesting and well executed. The Discord chat was fun but I’m not sure it added a lot to the value of my experience.

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