Wesley Moore

👨‍💻 Software Developer
🌏 Sunshine Coast, Australia

Hi I’m Wes 👋. I like warm weather and tinkering with computers; ranging from small microcontrollers, up to large servers and the operating systems that run upon them. I’m a Rustacean with a fondness for mechanical keyboards. I work at YesLogic on the Prince HTML to PDF converter. Read more on the about page →

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RustConf 2021

A few weeks ago I got up at 2:30am and attended virtual RustConf 2021. The pre-recorded talks were live-streamed and there was a dedicated Discord server for discussion and Q&A while the talks ran. It was overall well organised and a good experience. All the talks were interesting and well executed. The Discord chat was fun but I’m not sure it added a lot to the value of my experience.

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Burning 2.5Tb of Bandwidth Hosting a Nitter Instance

On 24 August I received an email from Vultr saying that my server had used 78% of its 3Tb bandwidth allocation for the month. This was surprising as last time I looked I only used a small fraction of this allocation across the various things I host.

After some investigation I noticed that the Nitter instance I set up six months ago at nitter.decentralised.social seemed to be getting a lot of traffic. In particular it seemed that there were several crawlers including Googlebot and bingbot attempting to index the whole site and all its media.

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Turning One Hundred Tweets Into a Blog Post

Near the conclusion of my #100binaries Twitter series I started working on the blog post that contained all the tweets. It ended up posing a number of interesting challenges and design decisions, as well as a couple of Rust binaries. Whilst I don’t think the process was optimal I thought I’d share the process to show my approach to solving the problem. Perhaps the tools used and approach taken is interesting to others.

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Slowing Down Read Rust Posting

After nearly 3 years and more than 3200 posts I’m going to slow down the posting frequency on Read Rust. I hope this will free up some spare time and make it easier to take breaks from social media. I aim to share all of the #rust2021 posts I can find, but after that I’ll probably only share posts that seem particularly noteworthy or interesting.

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Setting the amdgpu HDMI Pixel Format on Linux

This week I discovered some details of digital display technology that I was previously unaware of: pixel formats. I have two Dell P2415Q displays connected to my computer. One via DisplayPort, the other via HDMI. The HDMI connected one was misbehaving and showing a dull picture. It turned out I needed to force the HDMI port of my RX560 graphics card to use RGB output instead of YCbCr. However, the amdgpu driver does not expose a means to do this. So, I used an EDID hack to make it look like the display only supported RGB.

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