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Polyphasic Sleep Schedule - Week 3 - Off the Rails

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The third week on my sleep schedule was very difficult and plagued with sleep-ins. On more than one occasion I slept all the way through to 6am. I tried a few different ways to help wake myself up on time, but in the end have come back to the phone under the pillow as my alarm. Amanda tells me she never hears a thing so I’ve turned the volume up as well.

On one of the days Matt loaned me his Philips goLITE. I had it the day after a big sleep in so I wasn’t especially tired when I got up but I did feel like it helped shake off the sleepiness. Its a pretty expensive little device given its basically just a matrix of blue LED’s with a diffuser over them. I’d be curious to see what effect a home built blue LED matrix would have.


So the aim for the coming week is to actually get up for the early morning stint.

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