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Our New Kitten, Bella

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When we decided to get a dog we also decided to get a cat. We did some research which suggested it was quite possible for a dog and cat to be friends and keep each other company, particularly if they grew up together. So when we found Ruby, Amanda went on the lookout for Russian Blue kittens. Like Ruby we did a bit of research beforehand and decided on the Russian Blue breed based on its temperament.

The search for breeders yielded two candidates. One turned out to be bordering on a kitten farm. There were lots of cats, all outside. The enclosures were clean and the cats looked healthy enough but we’d read that it wasn’t the type of environment that would raise a friendly, well adjusted kitten. The other option turned out much better. The kittens were around 4 weeks old, they were living inside, regularly handled and there was only the single litter. We picked out Bella and started the wait for her to be old enough to come home with us.

That day came yesterday. Bella feels dainty and fragile compared to the boisterous and rapidly growing Ruby. She is cuddly, playful and friendly. At first she was a bit nervous but by the end of the day was happily exploring all areas she could reach, which is most.

We kept Ruby separate at first, introducing them later in the day. Ruby, as she does with most people and animals just wanted to play with Bella. Bella was not so happy to see Ruby but seemed to relax around her as the day went on. Hopefully she continues to adjust and as she grows up becomes as friendly with Ruby as she is with her.

Green Eyes
Green Eyes.
Her fur colour is a bit off here. It’s more blue than this, as the following photos show.

Amanda Holding Bella
Amanda Holding Bella

Upon Manda's Shoulder
Upon Manda’s Shoulder

Photos from the set on Flickr.

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