Mt. Dandenong - by Wesley Moore

Mt. Dandenong

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Cloudhill Last week while we were still on holidays Manda and I got a good deal on Wotif for a night at Linden Garden’s Rainforest Retreat. We set off in the morning and had lunch at Cloudhill Restaurant and Gardens. After lunch we wandered around the many different areas of the garden. The hedges and geometric alignment of the gardens were very cool.

After that it was time to check-in at Linden Gardens. Google Maps gave us a dud route that sent us down a few interesting roads but we made it in the end. Our lodging for the night was “Sanctuary Tower”, a three level mini-house with great views. After an in room massage we had a nice dinner at Wild Oak Restaurant just around the corner. The food was excellent and the servings very generous.

The accommodation was fantastic, right down to the graphic design of the web site and stationary. There were lots of inclusions and thoughtful extras. The one complaint was that the bedroom was quite light when trying to sleep given not all the windows had blinds.

In the morning we wandered around the gardens. The rainforest plans seem to have been planted some time ago and now it has that real rainforest feel. The paths in particular stood out as they were totally green with moss. After that it was time to go, it was a short but most enjoyable stay.

Photos of Cloudhill and Linden Gardens are on Flickr. Given the lovely weather we had I also took the opportunity to take bracketed shots to deal with the extreme range of light. I then merged them with the newly updated Bracketeer.

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