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Garage Door Monitor Update

The garage door monitor that I built earlier in the year has by all accounts been running perfectly since I installed it. Recently I implemented a couple of new features that I’ve wished for over the last few months.

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Resuming Read Rust Tweeting

The Read Rust Twitter account crossed over 10K followers in the last few days. Amazingly 4350 of those coming after I stopped regular posting. This got me thinking about the account and how I might be able to use it to benefit the community while avoiding the overhead that led me to winding things down in Sep 2020.

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Generating RSS Feeds From Web Pages With RSS Please

Sometimes I come across a web page that I’d like to revisit when there’s new content. Typically, I do this by subscribing to the RSS feed in Feedbin. Unfortunately some sites don’t provide an RSS feed, which is why I built RSS Please (rsspls). RSS Please allows you to generate an RSS feed by extracting specific parts of a web page. In this post I give a bit of background on the tool and how I’m running it in my Docker infrastructure.

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Monitoring My Garage Door With a Raspberry Pi, Rust, and a 13Mb Linux System

I’ve accidentally left our garage door open a few times. To combat this I built a monitor that sends an alert via Mattermost when the door has been left open for more than 5 minutes. This turned out to be a super fun project. I used parts on hand as much as possible, implemented the monitoring application in Rust, and then built a stripped down Linux image to run it.

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Fixing Monospace Text in Kobo eReaders

After verifying with friends that eBook readers do a decent job of rendering technical content I purchased a Kobo Libra 2 this week. I loaded up some books and started reading… but something was off. Sure enough, after verifying the EPUB with Calibre on my computer I confirmed that the Kobo was not rendering text with CSS rules like font-family: monospace in a monospace font.

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