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Photo of me against a Boab tree in Broome, WA

I'm a software developer from Melbourne, Australia. I like open-source software and warm weather (Melbourne is not in the warm part of Australia unfortunately). I enjoy tinkering with computers, ranging from small microcontrollers up to large servers and the operating systems that run upon them.

I run Arch Linux on my desktop computer and Void Linux (musl) on my laptop, with the Awesome window manager. The server hosting this website runs Alpine Linux. You can read more about my OS adventures on bitcannon.net.

Photo of my keyboards I prefer typing on mechanical keyboards. I have a small collection in a range of sizes. All are fully programmable. My current favourite is a Filco Majestouch Ninja 2, which has had the factory controller replaced with a programmable one.

Rust is my programming language of choice. I am fairly active in the Rust community and curate Read Rust, a website that collects interesting posts from the Rust community.

I work at YesLogic on the Prince HTML to PDF converter. Prince is a very interesting product to work on as it is essentially a web-browser that outputs well typeset PDFs. It is largely implemented in the Mercury logic programming language, with portions now in Rust as well.

I am fine with either he/him or they/them pronouns.


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