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7bit Projects: Dew Point Forecast, MacBinary, RSS Please, Titlecase

Today I compiled my titlecase Rust crate to Web Assembly and wrapped a web-page around it so that it can be used online. It’s published on my “projects domain”, 7bit.org. After I published it I realised I hadn’t written about the other projects that are on 7bit.org. They are Dew Point Forecast, MacBinary, RSS Please, and Titlecase.

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Testing a $4 Micro SD Card From AliExpress

I needed three low capacity micro SD cards for an upcoming project. There’s plenty of these available on AliExpress but its very difficult to know if you if the actual capacity will match the packaging. I did some research and came across this interesting video that tested 16 different cards. Their recommendation was the Lexar ones. So I found some 32Gb ones for AU$4.13 and placed an order.

Photo of the micro SD card in its packaging.
The card being tested.

As per the video’s suggestion I tested one with an open-source tool called F3 (Fight Flash Fraud) when they arrived. F3 verifies the capacity against what the drive advertises and verifies that that amount of data can be written and read back without error.

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Building a Hybrid Native Application With Gleam and Tauri

I took a few hours this weekend to experiment with building a hybrid native app with Gleam and Tauri. This post is a summary of that project. If you’d just like to see the code, I have published that at:


Screenshot of the application showing a name field, minus button, plus button, Greet button and the current time.
Screenshot of the application.
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