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A Developer's Review of a Snapdragon X Laptop (Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x)

Photo of the Yoga 7x laptop open on a desk showing the Glass House Mountains on the desktop. To the right of the laptop is a coffee mug and a pair of glasses.
Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x Snapdragon

For the last two weeks I’ve been testing out my new laptop, a Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x (14", Gen 9) Snapdragon. This laptop is interesting because it’s one of the initial batch based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite Arm CPUs. In this post I aim to provide a detailed review of the device and the experience of using it from the perspective of a software developer. This post was written on the Yoga 7x.

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Why Chimera Linux

I received a reply to my Tech Stack 2024 post asking: Why Chimera Linux? I wrote a response that turned out longer than anticipated and figured I may as well post it here too. I’m not trying to convince you to use Chimera with this post, just note down why it appeals to me. That’s really the crux of it: there’s dozens of distros out there all with different goals and values and Chimera really speaks to me, for you it might be something else.

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How Much Is a Browser Worth?

Apparently people are excited about funding independent browser efforts this week. I have little interest in funding yet another browser built in C++ in 2024 but Servo is still alive. Since Mozilla refuse to let us directly fund Firefox I shall set up a recurring donation to Servo.

The next question is how much is a web browser worth to me? Based on minutes spent using a browser, quite a lot!

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Tech Stack 2024

Inspired by Alex Chan’s Tools of the trade post I thought I’d note down my current tech stack and then revisit it in a few years to see how things evolve. As per Alex’s post I’ll break it down into three sections: software, (development) tech stack, and hardware.

A photo of my desk. There's two displays, the one on the right is rotated into a portait orientation, the left on is on a wooden monitor stand. In front of the monitors are: a PS4 controller, TI-89, tenkeyless mechanical keyboard, mouse, and Kobo e-Reader.
My desk. The computer is behind the displays.
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Exporting YouTube Subscriptions to OPML and Watching via RSS

This post describes how I exported my 500+ YouTube subscriptions to an OPML file so that I could import them into my RSS reader. I go into fine detail about the scripts and tools I used. If you just want to see the end result the code is in this repository, which describes the steps needed to run it.

I was previously a YouTube Premium subscriber but I cancelled it when they jacked up the already high prices. Since then I’ve been watching videos in NewPipe on my Android tablet or via an Invidious instance on real computers.

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