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Hide Sign in With Google Pop Up

Inspired by Rach Smith’s post on using userstyles to hide YouTube shorts I came up with some CSS to hide those annoying Sign in with Google pop-ups.

I never want to sign in with Google and use Firefox Multi-Account Containers to ensure that the bulk of my browsing is done without ever being signed in to a Google account. This means that I see a lot of these pop ups encouraging me to sign in, so Google can track me more.

Screenshot of the pop up
Be gone evil pop up

I use Stylus to manage user styles. I created a new rule that applies to all sites and put this CSS in there:

#credential_picker_container:has(iframe[src*="accounts.google.com"]) {
    display: none;

Note that it uses the :has selector, which is not on by default in Firefox at the time of writing. In Firefox 103 onwards you can enable it by toggling layout.css.has-selector.enabled (the usual caveats about poking around in about:config apply).

If you do browse while signed in to a Google account, Aranjedeath on the Fediverse pointed out that you can turn them off in your account settings.

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