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Resuming Read Rust Tweeting

The Read Rust Twitter account crossed over 10K followers in the last few days. Amazingly 4350 of those coming after I stopped regular posting. This got me thinking about the account and how I might be able to use it to benefit the community while avoiding the overhead that led me to winding things down in Sep 2020.

In that post I noted:

Whilst I think there is value in the curation and archiving of posts on Read Rust, the website doesn’t see a lot of use. I think most of the value for people is following the Twitter, Mastodon, and Facebook accounts. However, there’s a fair amount of overlap between posts shared on /r/rust, @rustlang, and This Week in Rust. So, I think that if folks keep an eye on one or more of those they will still see most posts of note.

Since then the @rustlang Twitter account has become much less active, so perhaps there is room for the Read Rust Twitter account as well. My plan is to resume using @read_rust, but I will not be seeking out content to post like I did previously. I’ll retweet interesting things that I come across during my usual reading and will consider sharing posts that mention @read_rust. Hopefully that represents a sustainable time commitment.

Onwards! 🦀

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